The Son of Bigfoot

Over 7Contians anxietyContains violence 92 minutes 2017 6.1

When Adam is just a kid, his father disappears, and the family does not see him again. The company HairCo wants to do lots of experiments on Adam's dad because of his special DNA. When Adam becomes a teenager, he sets off to find out who his dad really is, and it turns out he has been hiding in the woods for years to hide that he is the legendary Bigfoot. Father and son try to find each other again and Adam, who himself has begun to experience "some changes in his power", understands that he and his father has the same DNA. Now both is chased by HairCo...

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family, adventure
Director: Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
Voices: Sanna-June Hyde, Jarkko Tamminen, Antti Jaakola, Waltteri Helisalo
Rights owner: SF Film
Country: Belgium, France
Language: Swedish, Finnish