Where once we walked

Over 12Contains sexContains violence 121 minutes 2011 6.0

Kjell Westö's film is set in Helsinki, spanning the times of rising nationalism during the first World War, the consequent Finnish civil war, the emerging 'modernity' of the 1920s, and the height of the fascist Lapua Movement in the early 1930s. A love triangle between Lucie, an upper class girl, and Eric a young middle class man and Allan a young working class man and socialist, takes center stage.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, finnish
Director: Peter Lindholm
Actor: Birthe Wingren, Johan Storgård, Andreas Af Enehielm, Martin Bahne, Jessica Grabowsky, Oskar Pöysti, Jacob Öhrman
Rights owner: Scanbox
Country: Finland
Language: Swedish