What is required to use the service?
To borrow movies your local library needs to be connected to the service and you must have a library card with your number and a PIN code. You can get the library card from your local library.

How can I find a movie to borrow?
Search our database or select from our movie list to find a movie you want to see.

How does search work?
You can search using free words in search bar. Searching will transfer you automatically to films page to see the results. Search bar in film page will give automatic suggestions. All the Film page results can be filtered with order by selection based on various options.

Each title is presented with own page where you can click text highlighted with yellow in order to quick search movies with same actors, directors etc. that are available in Viddla.

How do I borrow a movie?
After you select a movie and click on "play movie" you get a request to log in with your library card. Once you enter your card number and password, the movie starts to play. In case the service informs that your age does not meet age requirements choose a movie you can watch according to age limits.

How long is the loan period?
You have 48 hours to watch the movie before the loan period ends. The film can be paused, fast forward and backward, and it can be viewed an unlimited number of times during the loan period.

How many films can I borrow?
Your library determines how many loans you may use per calendar month. You see the number of loans you have left when you log in to watch a movie.

When new content is added into the service?
We add new movies weekly on every thursday. They can be found on the frontpage under latest published selection. You can also see upcoming titles in the start page. 

Have any movie subtitles?
We strive to provide subtitles in finnish and swedish to all foreign movies.

What audio tracks are used?
Most of the movies have original sound track with exception being childrens movies where most have audio track in finnish and/or swedish.

Where can I use the service?
The service is available for personal use in Finland. In case that Viddla informs you that your location does not allow viewing check you location.

Observe! Travelling and VPN connection might affect usage of the service.

Which platforms support Viddla?

Viddla supports all common browsers depending on the device such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Samsung Internet 12+.

iPhone / iPad:

  • Safari is compatible with iOS 12+ and iPadOS 13+, older versions are not supported
  • You can use Airplay with your device


  • You can use Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
  • You can use Google Chromecast with your device


  • Android version 7 or later is recommended
  • You can use Google Chromecast with your device


  • For Mac OS 10.11+ (and later), you can use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • You can use Airplay with your device
  • You can use Google Chrome with your device

Smart TVs:

  • The built-in browser for new LG TVs (WebOS) works in most cases
  • The built-in browser on new Samsung TVs (Tizen OS) works in most cases
  • Functionality has not been tested on other models and manufacturers

You can check compatibility by trying this test (a link will open in a new tab).


DRM or Digital Rights Management, how does this affect my movie viewing experience?

If you get an error message (DRM: Unable to instantiate a key system supporting the required combinations) instead of the trailer / movie being played, it is likely that you have a setting that does not accept playback of DRM-protected content, or you got a question about accepting DRM when you started up Viddla the first time but not clicked "OK".  Some budget/lite model phones might also have insufficient DRM-level that causes playback problems. 

In Chrome's settings you will find which pages with protected content you have accepted. Here's how to access Chrome's protected content settings:
Chrome (three vertical dots) > Settings > Site Settings > Additional content settings > Protected Content > Allow sites to play protected content 

Now it will work without problems and you do not need to redo the process in the future.

Tip: Use search function to find protected content menu
DRM problem In Firefox

In Firefox you might have to activate DRM separately and you can find help from this article.

Here you can find help in using Firefox with Android.

Can I transfer a borrowed movie to another platform?

You can watch the movie on another platform but then you need to log in again. During 48 hours your loan period is still considered valid and the switch to another platform will not be recorded as a new loan.

How does streaming work?
When you stream a movie, you do not have to wait for the movie to be downloaded, the movie player reads the file directly from our servers. This means that you must be connected to the Internet during the entire movie viewing.

Why do some films disappear from the service?

When a movie is removed from our catalog, it is because it could only be viewed for a limited period. The owners of the licenses determine how long is this period. This does not apply to all movies, but only a small part.

What is the quality of the films?
All our videos are in HD, HD ready or SD (Standard Definition) quality, which is generally equivalent to DVD quality.

Why is the audio / video failing?

This can be caused by a weak internet connection. If you have Wi-Fi at home, it may be because more devices are connected or you are too far from your wireless router. Try switching to the lowest bit rate (the one called "Good - 0.8 Mbit / s"). If the problem persists, it may help to pause the movie and test again after a while.

Can you connect the computer to the TV?
Yes, either through wireless, via Airplay or Chromecast or with an HDMI cable connecting your computer to your TV.

How do I stream via Chromecast to my TV?

  1. Connect your PC or Android device, and Chromecast, to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Access Viddla through Chrome browser and start playing a movie.
  3. Click on the Chromecast icon in the player to transfer the picture to the connected TV.
  4. Select audio or subtitles after casting in order to get the right one playing

How do I stream via AirPlay to my TV?

  1. Connect your Mac, iPhone or iPad and Apple-TV/Airplay, to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Use Safari browser to start playing the movie
  3. Click on the Airplay icon in the player to transfer the picture to the connected TV.
  4. Select audio or subtitles after starting to cast in order to get the right one playing

Do you experience technical problems with the service?

Read the FAQ above and if it does not help then use the feedback form in the right margin
or email us at viddla@kirjastopalvelu.fi.  For technical problems, please state the following:

  • Device you use (phone, tablet, PC, Mac, AppleTV, Chromecast)
  • Operating systems you use (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Browsers you use (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Name of the title that had a problem

Published: 14/02/2017   Last updated: 14/02/2017