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The new way to borrow movies

So nice that you want to try out Viddla! Instructions for usage from here.

Imagine having access to your library's film archives whenever and wherever you want - just by using your library card. We present this amazing new reality with Viddla - a brand new streaming service for libraries!

With Viddla you can do just that - all you need is your library card and an Internet connection. Via your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can easily watch movies where you are, right now.

Viddla is available to all library uses whose library is connected to the service. Contact your own library to ask the status of the contract.


Please check before your first loan, that your device and browser are compatible with the service. You can check compatibility by using this test video (link opens in new bowser tab)

If test video opens and can be run, your device and browser are compatible with the service.

We continuosly develop the service and improve compatibility with more browsers and devices. We recommend using Chrome browser.

Published: 21/02/2017   Last updated: 21/02/2017