Juliet, naked

Allowed to all 97 minutes 2018 6.6

Annie is tired of her music-nerd boyfriend, Duncan, who is being obsessed with the forgotten artist Tucker Crowe. His whole life revolves around Crowe's music and the website around the artist he built up. When an uncut version of the artist's most successful album suddenly shows up, Duncan becomes lyrical, but Annie writes a negative review on the website and suddenly a letter is sent to Annie – from the real Tucker Crowe. This is the start of a triangle drama that Annie could never dream of. "The loving film Juliet, naked starts interesting conversations about conditions, idols, about the power of music and artists." writes Jens Peterson in Aftonbladet. Therése Söderlund writes in Kommunalarbetaren that this is: "A nice little film about not letting your whole life go on without doing something crazy." The film is based on a book by Nick Hornby.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, comedy, music
Director: Jesse Peretz
Actor: Chris O'Dowd, Rose Byrne, Kitty O'Beirne, Ethan Hawke
Rights owner: Scanbox
Country: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English