White Riot

Over 16Contains violence 80 minutes 2019 7.2

During the heyday of British punk in the 1970s, inclusive and exclusive powers clashed when the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement was formed as a counterpoint to neo-Nazi and fascist groups in society. At a time when xenophobic ideas were gaining ground, RAR arranged multicultural gigs and demonstrations, where the anti-fascist carnival in Victoria Park in 1978 became the crowning achievement with The Clash as the main event. The documentary White Riot won the award for best documentary at the London Film Festival 2019 and depicts the turbulent time with newly recorded comments mixed with film clips from the time when it all happened.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Documentary
Genre: Music, society
Director: Rubika Shah
Actor: Red Saunders, Dennis Bovell, Mykaell Riley
Rights owner: Nonstop
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English